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CREST Education Center is a school and therapy center for students ages 5 years to 22 years with mild, moderate or severe disabilities, including those who fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

CREST’s educational philosophy does not rely upon a specific approach but rather uses a diverse approach that allows each student to demonstrate their true ability and areas of interest rather than being defined by either their diagnosis or their symptomology. As each student is unique, the approach to their educational experiences must be equally unique – a hallmark of CREST Education Center.

The purpose of the program is to provide special education and therapies for students whose needs cannot, or are not, being met in their local school district. Students who attend CREST Education Center are in an environment that allows them to maximize their potential and become productive members of society. The educational environment is designed to provide intensive, individualized instruction in all academic areas, making use of strengths while remediating areas of need. Individual or small group therapies in the areas of speech, language, behavior and motor skills focus on further individualizing and intensifying their educational experience.

The CREST experience is summarized in its acronym: Communication, Respect, Empowerment, Success, Teamwork.

We owe her success today to Malena’s experience and genuine compassion for children with special needs.

CREST Experience
The CREST Experience

CREST carries on a tradition and successful methodology created by two pioneers in the field of special education.  Over 60 years ago, long before the term autism was widely used, Aleen Agranowitz and Gladys Gleason started working with children who had speech and language difficulties.  They pioneered therapeutic approaches based on individual needs while maintaining respect for every student. The founders of CREST spent over 50 years working side by side with Aleen and Gladys... (read more...)

CREST Difference
The CREST Difference

The overlying hallmark of CREST is that there is no single approach to academic learning, communication, or behavior that meets the needs of every student. Our belief is that as individuals our needs are met in distinct ways, our students are just as unique. We realize that the use of peer-reviewed and well documented strategies is critical to our program design, while at the same time we also recognize the responsibility that we have to carefully and critically evaluate how each students’ needs can best be met. (read more...)

Admission to CREST

Students must be referred to CREST by their local school district prior to consideration for enrollment in CREST. Although parents may attend a general tour of the program, tours specific to the student are not scheduled without prior approval/communication with the school district. A current IEP and most recent evaluations will be reviewed by CREST staff to determine if goals and objectives can be addressed by CREST’s educational program and therapies. (read more...)

To work with a child that others have given up on and watch them develop the ability to communicate and become a part of the world they live in is the greatest reward imaginable.

Gina Prado
Classroom Program
Classroom Program

Our CREST educational environment is designed to provide intensive and individualized instruction in all academic areas. (read more...)

Designated Instruction

CREST students have the opportunity to access designated instructional services (DIS) as indicated in IEP’s...  (read more...)

Children Matter
Crest Community

We invite you to explore the backgrounds of our board members and founders. Our Board of Directors Our Founders

Children Matter

Answers to many of the questions we often receive about CREST Educational Center  (read more...)

I continue to be struck by the perseverance and determination of our students. As educators our position is to provide the tools and supports that our students need…to truly maximize their potential.

Dawn O’Connor

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